300 meters away from Tiehua Village of Taitung, there is a space where coffee and memories melting together – TiinTinn Inn Showtime.
From the 1940-50s the hotel began to serve travelers at old Taitung railway station. 1st generation was Jinan Hotel than Junan Hotel to the present TiinTinn Inn Showtime.Six decades of history, this building witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties and the revolution of generations. In recent years, travelers tend to choice modern accommodations, this old hotel even tried to survive by running long-term rentals.

2019, few young people took over and tried to preserve the original spirit of the hotel. They began to wipe the dust off her body, and dress up a new appearance. During the process, many features with rich characteristics of the old times such as bathtubs and wooden old window frame has been keep, combines new design style and craftsmanship to create a warm space with simplicity, emotion and story.

At the ground floor, hotel reception combines AU Cafe takeaway shop to serve quality coffee and local tea.You get to have a cup of coffee brew if front of you when checking in, the coffee makes your hears warmer and lets your pace slower.

Tiin Tinn Inn +AU CAFE` https://tiintinn-showtime.mydirectstay.com/tw/index.html
Email: tiintinn2@gmail.com
Address: 950 No. 96, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City,Taiwan